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We proudly announce that our company 
has trained over
law enforcement personnel this past year
and these educated copper cops are having great success in battling the copper theft epidemic!  Outstanding job


A US Veteran Owned Company

 Metal Theft Training and Consultants, LLC
the premier copper theft training company in the US

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Metal Theft Training and Consultants, LLC
is the premier law enforcement training company in the US that teaches law enforcement and other public and private entities how to effectively combat copper theft. Copper Theft is an epidemic crime, and has been labeled as one of the fastest growing crimes in the US, costing billions to governments, businesses, and individuals.  Copper is the backbone to growth of society, and has been for hundreds of years.  It is a component to nearly every critical infrastructure need in the civilized world, from electrical, to plumbing, to electronics such as smart phones and iPads.  Our company consists of law enforcement officers who have decades of law enforcement experience and are experts in the specialized field of fighting copper theft. Copper theft is a drug crime. It is estimated that over 90% of copper theft is done by meth addicts in order to support their habit. The FBI has also stated that copper theft is presenting a risk to our national infrastructure. Copper thieves target utilities (street lights, backflow preventers, etc.), schools, airports, churches, solar/wind farms, railroads, bridges, communication towers (911 lines), power sub-stations, etc. We also teach law enforcement how to work with recyclers to build a beneficial relationship and to target those recyclers who are non-compliant with the law and operating illegally.  Our goal is simple - teach law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, contractors, supply companies, utility companies, security guard companies, and even metal recycling companies everything they need to know in order to identify, prevent, and prosecute all forms of metal theft,
especially copper theft!

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